Co-Creation Process

Innovative solutions require innovative designs, and discovering the right solutions can be achieved by listening to clients. We call this cycle Co-Creation.

100% American

Formaspace is located in Austin, Texas. All our furniture is built in America using local suppliers.

Mass Customization

Custom furniture manufacturing doesn't need to be expensive. With the right infrastructure, it can also be mass-produced. Custom is the new standard at Formaspace Contract.

Nationwide Local Reps

We have a local rep representing Formaspace's core values in almost every state. Locate your local rep today.

Formaspace Contract Story


Formaspace Contract is an international manufacturer of custom contract furniture located in the heart of Austin, Texas. Our experience in design and manufacturing started in 1981 and specialized primarily in laboratory and industrial projects. These clients taught us how to fine-tune our discovery process to design, engineer, and mass-produce highly customized product solutions. Historically, custom products in the contract furniture market have been challenging because of lead times and manufacturing costs. Thanks to our vast experience in such specialized markets, we have applied our learning and developed what we call the “Co-create” process.


The Co-create process allows us to work with clients to identify challenges and requirements while often solving problems they were not aware they had. Our large-scale manufacturing also leverages purchasing power with our vendors, allowing us to save our clients’ money that can then be allocated toward other needs. This focus on innovative solutions and cost-saving manufacturing processes quickly led to becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in the contract furniture market. We have proven our place as a trusted partner to our contract dealer and A+D clients. As we continue to grow our team, bringing on new talent with vast and varied industry experience, our go-to market strategies in combination with our design and manufacturing strengths have perfectly positioned us to compete with anyone in the contract furniture industry.


Today, we find ourselves in a time of “new normal,” where the only constant is change, and we are perfectly positioned to be able to respond. We can design solutions for any type of environment and address any type of challenge. We work with corporate, hospitality, education, high-tech, medical, indoor, outdoor, etc. Our possibilities are endless because possibilities are what we create.


‘Standard’ Furnishes a Space; ‘Custom’ Differentiates It

A custom design is curated for a client’s unique and specific needs. Our Co-creation process identifies the challenges our customers face through a discovery and ideation method we then use to engineer personalized solutions. Standard products are restrictive, forcing you to work with the solution first rather than the desired features, giving you a limited selection of possibilities, and often, something is sacrificed. In contrast, custom designs address all your needs and achieve higher performance and functionality. Our expertise in manufacturing custom solutions allows us to coordinate with existing products as well as other manufacturers, creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout your space, front to back, inside and out. We believe custom is the new standard.


Trusted Partners

By partnering with our team, you have the convenience of a single point of contact for all your furniture needs from order through installation—one vendor for all spaces, including open plan to ancillary to meeting rooms and even outdoor spaces. We truly see our clients, whether they be end-user, dealer, or A+D, as partners in our process from beginning to end. We are passionate about challenges we have the opportunity to solve and confident we have the skillset to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Our Co-creation process is a collaborative experience where the solution is truly a product of partnership.