Co-Creation Process

Innovative solutions require innovative designs, and discovering the right solutions can be achieved by listening to clients. We call this cycle Co-Creation.

100% American

Formaspace is located in Austin, Texas. All our furniture is built in America using local suppliers.

Mass Customization

Custom furniture manufacturing doesn't need to be expensive. With the right infrastructure, it can also be mass-produced. Custom is the new standard at Formaspace Contract.

Nationwide Local Reps

We have a local rep representing Formaspace's core values in almost every state. Locate your local rep today.

Formaspace Contract Story


Formaspace Contract is an international designer & manufacturer of client-driven custom contract furniture located in the heart of Austin, Texas. 

We started our journey in the laboratory and industrial sectors in 1981. There, we learned that only custom solutions satisfy the client’s vision, completely. At the time, however, custom furniture manufacturing was expensive and meant longer lead times. Born from the same innovation drive that animated our Silicon Hills (Austin metropolitan area), we set out to advance our technology and streamline our processes, bringing these costs and lead times down. We quickly became one of the fastest-growing companies in the contract furniture market, and now, we have become a trusted manufacturing partner to many dealerships and A&D firms nationally.

Our team is led by true Austinites — artists with a vision. And our vision is grounded by the best engineers and craftsmen in custom furniture design and manufacturing. Together, we create differentiated, successful designs — on time and at the lowest possible cost. 

Headquartered in one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, we are proud to serve corporate, hospitality, and outdoor needs through our custom, all-American-made furniture. 


‘Standard’ Furnishes a Space; ‘Custom’ Differentiates It

A custom design is curated for a client’s unique and specific needs. Through this process, customization solves the specific challenge, while a standard product only addresses part of it. In other words, custom designs achieve higher performance and more appreciable functionality than a standard design can do.

Notes and tones of corporate culture can be significantly fulfilled through a custom piece. And these notes and tones fully manifest brand identity within a space. 

And because we can match materials, colors, and finishes across each type of furniture — from workspace to lounge — cohesion is delivered through custom design. 

Yes, we believe custom is the new standard! 


Through an energizing partnership

By partnering with our team, you can rely on one vendor for all of your furniture needs, from open plan to ancillary to meeting rooms and beyond. We take on each project with vigor. We are passionate about the skillsets we bring. And our collaborative approach is sound; we flow from ideation to installation at a brisk, smooth pace through a signature process we call co-creation.


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