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Design for Practicality

Custom hospitality furniture should be functional and aesthetically pleasing while matching the overall interior design. The appearance is just as important as its structural strength. There are some underlying considerations, such as materials, craftsmanship, surfaces, and finishes, which assess the quality of our lounge, retail, bar and restaurant furniture.

At Formaspace Contract, we understand the necessity of branded hospitality and creating spaces that provide an aesthetically pleasing, creative ambiance mixed with form and function. Our designers offer their keen understanding of spatial awareness, to create the perfect custom pieces, such as hospitality tables and seating, for all types of aesthetics and practicality.

hospitality tables with lights and planters
makerspace table with planters

Formaspace Contract builds hospitality furniture not only for the retail and hospitality industries but also for workspaces. By engineering “resimertial” areas such as lounges and cafes, employees are encouraged to not only create deeper relationships with one another while taking a break but also to enjoy an alternative work area. Apart from offering comfort and collaboration, integrating hospitality zones also promotes workers’ physical, cognitive, and psychological well-being in a less formal environment.

Check our custom applications, like the beer hall at Austin Football Club’s new stadium and contact us for your next hospitality project.

“The pandemic provided a long-overdue catalyst for hotels to reimagine the experiences they provide and the roles they play in their communities. As the industry recalibrates, versatile layouts and innovative design will be key to long-term sustainability.”
Gensler Design Forecast 2022

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Outdoor Furniture

Our outdoor hospitality collection includes pieces for patio dining, bar seating, exterior lounge space, and mixed use furnishings that blend seamlessly with open air spaces.

Partition Systems

For large outdoor spaces or indoor/outdoor transitions, a partition system is effective for separating the space and acclimating patrons to a natural environment.

Custom Solutions

With an endless variety of outdoor spaces, utilize our custom solutions to match your indoor or brand aesthetic with the organic landscape vibe.