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Flexible & Hybrid

As the workforce continues to evolve, our design team at Formaspace Contract has adapted to the new demands for custom office solutions. Formaspace Contract is anything but traditional and we are utilizing market trends and innovative designs to create new spaces for the digitized tech-based employee. We want new offices to feel as organic as working from home while maintaining an inclusive environment for however your office likes to work.

Whether you envision an open flexible office, hot desk, or a laid-back lounge, FSC can help with a complete office redesign or a simple desking solution. From movable partitions and custom office furniture to completely customized coworking tables – the design team can help your company integrate back into the office with an agile space engineered for comfort.

Formaspace Contract is an American manufacturer of custom contract furniture located in the heart of Austin, Texas. Our experience in design and manufacturing started in 1981 and specialized primarily in laboratory and industrial projects. These clients taught us how to fine-tune our discovery process to design, engineer, and mass-produce highly customized product solutions for the office spaces. We delivered our first large office project in 2015 and since then we have delivered hundreds of projects through select A&D firms, dealerships, and a nationwide independent rep network. The featured project showcased on this page is manufactured for a large Silicon Valley client through Parabola architecture. Click on the image to see additional installation pictures and learn more about the project.

CBRE, April 2021, U.S. Occupier Sentiment Survey
Many conversations today are focused on where work happens. As we are redefining productivity, the priorities of employees have been shifting to having a great work-life balance instead of securing a comfortable salary.

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Desks are the core of any office space furniture configurations and need to be utilitarian and beautiful as well. We combine form and function for optimal custom desking built for all occupations.

Conference Tables

The functional focal point of any meeting space. Our custom tables are multi-functional and can include tech requirements, adjustable heights, and mixed materials to match any type of need or aesthetic.

Residential Solutions

The home office has shifted over the past couple of years and so has our need for customized furnishings. With spatial changes and challenges, Formaspace Contract can assist in customizing innovative furnishings for the home.