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Outdoor Spaces

Designed for Work/Life Balance

Biophilic design and open-air spaces are becoming necessary for businesses to improve employees’ physiological and psychological health and accommodate social distancing. Bringing the indoors to the outdoors, furnishing an outdoor patio or a rooftop deck, or utilizing an entire work/play/live area for employees, will give any workplace an edge in increased productivity and inspiration.

Founded in a place synonymous with outdoor living, the Formaspace Contract team is an expert at creating adaptable spaces for any native environment. Our Austin headquarters loves being surrounded by all things outdoors, and our custom furniture is no exception. We believe in blurring the lines between indoor functionality and outdoor flexibility – did we mention our custom pieces can be eco-friendly too?

patio planter with bench modern design
outdoor bench with planter

With Formaspace Contract, we understand the challenges that accompany designing a space that is compatible with the outdoors and cohesive with the indoor schematics. Complementing materials and design elements brings custom outdoor furniture to fruition while providing increased employee creativity and retention. These types of creations require a simplistic custom creation process and flexibility in the manufacturing process to successfully execute a custom design that harmonizes the indoors with the outdoors.d

According to a survey by LL Bean, in the United States 86% of workers between the ages of 22 to 65 would like to spend more work hours outdoors.

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Outdoor Collection

Open air spaces and quality custom furniture are the perfect complementary pair. For the outdoor collection, we utilize eco-friendly and durable materials for optimal customization and exterior friendly pieces.

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Custom Outdoor Solutions

For the outdoors, custom is the best solution to be able to tailor your customized piece so that it is functional and blends aesthetically with the surrounding landscape.