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Education & Makerspaces

Design for Innovation & Tinkering

The future of education is shifting away from traditional settings into a new realm of making, tinkering, exploring, and hands-on learning both inside and outside the classroom. We believe knowledge is power, and students need all the resources to accelerate their educational success. With new ways of learning, the teaching environment is changing, Formaspace Contract is right beside educators helping craft custom solutions and school furniture for all types of learning activities & spaces.

With schools and universities focusing on tech and STEM-centered programs, it is imperative to make spaces as versatile as the imaginations that use them. Younger minds need flexibility, mobility, and ergonomics through modular desks or tables, ideal for any makerspace furniture or lab environment.

Formaspace Contract has a long history of designing custom solutions across 400+ educational institutions nationwide. Our design team even collaborated with the prestigious Harvard Graduate School of Design on their design lab components, divider panels and modular desks that fit into their historic building. Formaspace Contract is also enrolled in programs like the TIPS purchasing co-op and GSA contracts so that any educational institution can have access to the resources they need for future learners.

“Sustained investments in hands-on laboratory science experiences are critical to the learning process across all areas of study and prepare them for high-technology careers by fostering skills sought by potential employers..”
The American Chemical Society (ACS)

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For all other classroom needs, customization of collaboration tables, makerspace tables, and tinkering benches are a vital addition to STEM and interactive curriculums.

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