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As an American company, Formaspace Contract understands the needs of our government agencies and contractors. We pride ourselves on extensive knowledge and partnership with the GSA members and how to design & manufacture GSA furniture to accommodate their requirements. We can mold and engineer a variety of materials for any type of government furniture applications, all made-to-order for our country’s government agencies.

The Formaspace Contract team has been of service to military and government bureaus for decades as an experienced producer with a long, dedicated history. We foster a synergistic relationship built on trust, exquisite craftsmanship, and convenience with the ability to order exactly what is needed from a manufacturer. Most Importantly, Formaspace Contract is an all-American company that fabricates products with US sourced materials stateside right from our factory in Austin, TX.

gsa nasa general services administration office control meeting room
GSA control meeting room

After decades of service and collaboration with government agencies, we understand their needs and offer custom projects to optimize their productivity and performance. Our signature K9 training table is made ready to accommodate our four-legged soldiers. We are proud that we can offer government and state contracts discounted rates while not sacrificing quality and efficiency.

The requested GSA 2022 budget is $30 billion, 3 times higher than the enacted 2021 budget. A decent portion of the requested budget will be spent on furniture acquisitions.

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