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Design for Customization

Standard products are limiting, forcing users to work with already available solutions, make sacrifices to their original vision and reduce the selection of possible options. In contrast, custom designing and custom made furniture addresses spatial needs and achieves higher levels of performance and functionality.

Custom designs and our co-creation process is what Formaspace Contract was founded on – our passion for bringing any project or idea to life is what we do. The agility of our US-based factory allows the design team to fabricate any project from any material into any shape imaginable. From the rendering stage to installation, our clients know they can trust us with engineering a consistent product that is fully custom for their project that will never be replicated anywhere else. Our expertise in manufacturing custom contract furniture allows us to coordinate with existing products as well as other manufacturers, creating a cohesive aesthetic throughout your space, front to back, inside and out.

Every idea starts with the right questions. Formaspace Contract’s contribution to this approach is developing custom furniture solutions, such as custom office desks, that give teams tools to collaborate & enhance productivity, while providing alternative ways to work in a flexible workspace. Our team markerboard seen here is a Declare certified, complete solution to customized team based workspaces and is an innovative design providing innovative solutions. Our industrial designers listen to what you want and integrate your needs to deliver a unique custom solution. Contact us today to start your custom furniture project.

‘Standard’ Furnishes a Space; ‘Custom’ Differentiates It.

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Our livelihood resides with our custom contract furniture and we can accommodate any specification, scale, scope and quantity with efficiency and elevated quality.

Materials & Finishes

We offer a wide range of domestically sourced materials and a variety of finishes that are durable, honest and sound.

Custom Design in 3D

With our 3D configure tool, design any custom project in under two minutes and utilize our application to mix and match finishes and materials for your custom project.