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Design for Versatility

Since early 2020, our residences have become more than just a home and transformed into offices, playscapes, classrooms, and workshops. As we mitigated the pandemic, the requirements of our dwellings changed overnight – optimizing the space with multifunctional custom solutions transformed our home’s furniture reality.

The Formaspace Contract team has translated commercial designs for the repurposed home spaces, whether it is for a home office desk, dining table, outdoor patio, or garage. To accommodate the new requirements for our homes, our design team realized that the residential pieces should be cost-effective, ergonomic, and yet aesthetically pleasing to address both indoor and outdoor areas. We believe homes should be as versatile as their residents, and our custom pieces are made for however your life happens.

Work from home and hybrid policies are a new reality. So, let’s make those versatile WFH Desks spaces appealing and flexible with beautiful multi-purpose designs. Our resi-mercial capabilities are endless and we feature several custom pieces because our designs can be used at home or in the office, indoors or out.

Our focus for our new residential launch is our desking and dining table collection. Seen here, is our new dining table which serves as a space for traditional dining, working, studying or any other function your home needs.

“More than 90% of employers are planning to adopt a hybrid working model for their workers in 2022..”
The Harvard Business Review

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As the workforce transitioned to working from home, space for the home office desk evolved and we designed this desking collection with materials and specifications ideal for a residential setting.

Outdoor Furniture

Our outdoor collection also includes pieces for the home too, whether indoor-outdoor living spaces or a large patio, our custom outdoor furnishings bring inside style to outdoor living.


Seemingly always a goal of any residential space is to have more organization and our cabinet storage systems are the perfect solution to any home’s layout.