Custom is the new standard at Formaspace.

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Co-Creation is the Key to Custom

Co-creation is our answer to precise and curated solutions that start with a need rather than a standard set of options. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. What sets us apart is our unique approach to finding that specific solution using a discovery process that allows us to identify and solve problems resulting in truly innovative partnerships with our clients. Forming spaces that shape the future and creating possibilities that change the way we work & live, is our day to day mission. Custom is the new standard at Formaspace.

Virtual Showroom by Formaspace Contract

The virtual showroom was created to visually display the breadth of our custom capabilities. We have the manufacturing capability to outfit all spaces from front to back of house, indoor & out. We can seamlessly integrate our products with existing products and design custom solutions for all spaces. Contact us to collaborate on a plan to visually communicate your brand through product solutions and create a unified look throughout your workspace.