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Driskill 3-in-1

Ping Pong Conference Table


The Driskill 3-in-1 Ping Pong Conference Table is Formaspace Contract’s answer to the changing function of the conference room and evolution of workplace culture. The A&D community has asked for truly differentiated, authentic, and unique furnishings. The Driskill 3-in-1 is our answer, while promoting wellness, this product combines work and play. This multifunctioning table helps build comradery, teamwork and culture through its table tennis function, collaboration abilities, and multi-use formats.

  • Unique hardwood worksurface options (two 54” x 60” tops, 108” x 60” when connected)
  • ¼” Steel edge banding with distressed hex bolt detailing
  • Battery operated height adjustability up to 56”
  • Bluetooth enabled cordless electric lifts
  • Vintage casters
  • Two solid wood ping pong paddles included
  • Integrated paddle holders beneath surface
  • Perforated steel folding net included
  • Made in Austin, TX
  • Custom design is available upon request

Why Driskill 3-In-1?

This multi-purpose table gets its name from an iconic landmark in downtown Austin called The Driskill Hotel. Located at 6th and Brazos street, some claim The Driskill Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in the United States. Colonel Jesse Driskill opened the luxurious hotel in 1886. The wealthy cattle baron bought the lot for $7,500. Guests say his spirit haunts the hotel, and often, his cigar smoke can fill the air by his portrait even though the hotel has been smoke-free for years. There are several other ghosts said to haunt the hotel, including a child named Samantha Houston, who can be heard laughing and bouncing a ball in various areas throughout the hotel. Her portrait is still hanging in the hotel, and it has been said guests have seen her expression change in the painting, and she may use it as a means to communicate from the spirit world. Whether you’re a ghost seeker or a history buff, The Driskill has lots to offer and has welcomed many high society & political events over the years. It is a landmark in downtown Austin at the intersection of Brazos & 6th Street.

Driskill 3-in-1